We would not want you to be disappointed so please ensure the church is available on your chosen date by contacting the church office. Telephone (08) 8362 2544 or email

A visit to the church can then be arranged and if you choose to proceed with a booking a non-refundable deposit of $50 within 10 days will confirm your chosen date and time.

The minister will contact you following the confirmation of the booking to arrange a time to meet with you and to discuss the details of your wedding.

Those who choose to be married at Kent Town are not required to be a member of the church and we understand in seeking to be married at Kent Town your desire is for a Christian ceremony.

The Minister of Wesley Uniting Church conducts weddings at the church and in some circumstances in other settings. Any requests to use your own Minister would need to be discussed and approved by the church before a booking is confirmed.



At the first meeting the minister will invite you to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage, which is a legal requirement.

We will discuss your preparation for marriage and extend an invitation to you to participate in the Prepare/Enrich program. Please visit the webpage for more information about this global program which is used by clergy and civil celebrants.

We will also begin conversations about your wedding ceremony and you will be provided with information to assist you in shaping your special day.



The Law requires a Notice of Intended Marriage be signed with the minister a minimum of one calendar month and one day before the wedding.

A Birth Certificate will be required and in certain situations you will be asked to bring Passports or Naturalisation Certificates. In the situation where partners have been previously married or widowed you will be asked to provide divorce papers (Decree Absolu) or the Death Certificate.

A Consent Form signed by parents will be required, under the Marriage Act, if any party wishing to be married is under the age of 18 years. If this is your situation please consult with the Minister who will guide you through this process.

The Minister will provide you with a brochure from the Federal Attorney General providing you with information to consider as you prepare to be married.



The ceremony is conducted under the Rites of the Uniting Church in Australia and includes (at least) the following elements which the Minister will discuss when you meet

The Gathering
Processional music – the entrance of the bride
A welcome
Declaration of Purpose (the meaning of marriage)

The Message
Poetry & Prose & Songs
Message for the couple

The Marriage
Declaration of Intent
Affirmation by family and friends
The Vows
Giving of the ring(s)
Proclamation of the marriage
Blessing of the Marriage
Prayer for the marriage (may include the Lord’s Prayer)
The Wedding Candle
Signing of registers
Introduction of the couple
Recessional music



Music. Mr Graham Bell is the organist and the Wesley organ is one of the most significant in Adelaide. Most couples choose the traditional music which is discussed with the minister and organist. As Wesley is a traditional church and in respect to the sacredness of the space the use of secular taped music is not appropriate. The singing of hymns is welcome particularly if the guests are familiar with the music of the church.

Please discuss with the Minister if you are considering musicians perhaps String Quartets, a harpist, a soloist or a choir.

Flowers are your choice and not included in the package. They are traditionally delivered an hour before the wedding or earlier by arrangement with the caretaker or minister. There are two marble pedestals and often couples choose to have an arrangement at the entrance to the church. One vase has been traditionally then left in the church.

Pew bows may be attached with elastic or by tying them to the pews (no pins or adhesive can be used on the cedar). The church can provide them or you are most welcome to bring your own.

Service Sheets to be given as guests arrive are welcomed at your initiative and the Minister would be pleased to assist you with style and wording. Ushers are needed to distribute them to guests as they arrive at the church. The church has a main entrance with steps and another for those who are unable to use steps. An usher would therefore be required for the entrance and the south transept door.



A rehearsal is an important part of the preparation for your wedding and a time when your attendants, readers, ushers and any family participating in the service can familiarise themselves with the church and the ceremony.

Any children who are to be involved in the ceremony are assisted by being there and becoming comfortable with the surroundings and the minister.

The rehearsal usually takes about an hour

The signing of the Registers is witnessed by two persons who must be over the age of 18 years and these are normally the best man and the first bridesmaid. At the rehearsal the witnesses will be briefed on the documents they will witness.

You will be invited to complete the final legal document before the wedding proceeds.



The caretaker will be in attendance and open the church one hour prior to your wedding.

Please advise the Minister if you have a request for wheelchair access and car parking within the church grounds. There is a disability toilet for guests.

Parking space at the church is limited and is reserved for use by the official wedding cars ONLY.

The duration of the ceremony, from the arrival of the bride to the time of leaving the church is approximately 35-45 minutes. The traditional assumption the bride will be late his rarely observed as we have come to more fully appreciate the time and graciousness of guests, particularly the young and the elderly. We do allow a minimum of 2 hours between weddings when more than one wedding is booked on any day.

The Signing of the Registers may occur in the Minister’s Vestry or in the church. A table is provided and you may cover the table in the colours of your wedding or use the white Damask cloth provided by the church.

In recent years there has been a trend away from throwing confetti, rose petals (fresh & dried) and bubbles due to environmental concerns and because they all stain the delicate fabrics of the wedding party and guests. Wesley Church requests there be nothing used inside the church

Photographer & Videographers. We have respectful relationships with many of the professional photographers in Adelaide who understand the sensitivities and are respectful of the wedding ceremony. With the exception of the official photographer, we invite guests to take photographs without use of a flash during the wedding ceremony.



The church office will discuss the fee with you which includes the Minister, the Organist, the Caretaker, the Legal Documentation, the Administration, the use of the church and the facilities.

Cheques may be made payable to ‘Kent Town Functions’ with the balance of the fees paid no later than four weeks prior to the wedding.

A Non Refundable deposit of $50.00 within 10 days will confirm your booking.