Wesley Uniting Church Kent Town

Worship Sunday 10.00am

Sunday Services May – June 2016
May 1st            10.00 a.m.             Uniting Women 2016       National Conference
May 8th            10.00 a.m.             ASCENSION                  Rev Mac Macdonald

Holy Communion

May 15th          10.00 a.m.             PENTECOST                  Rev Mac Macdonald
May 22nd         10.00a.m.              TRINITY SUNDAY           Rev James Winn
May 29th          10.00 a.m.             PENTECOST 2               Rev James Winn

PAC Boarders in attendance          & Rev Mark Dickens

June 5th            10.00 a.m.             PENTECOST 3               Rev James Winn

Holy Communion

June 12th          10.00 a.m.              PENTECOST 4             Rev James Winn
June 19th          10.00 a.m.              PENTECOST 5             Rev Mac Macdonald
June 26th          10.00 a.m.              PENTECOST 6             Rev James Winn


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The Wesleyan Jubilee Church at Kent Town 1865-2015
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